Gum Disease Treatment

Preventive and Restorative Gum Disease Treatment for Strong and Healthy Smiles

You may not realize the vital importance of gum health to your smile. Poor oral hygiene, lifestyle choices, and heredity can all contribute to gum disease and tooth loss. Professional dental care is essential to keeping gums healthy.

At the dental office of Raymond R. Benitez, DDS, we provide preventive and periodontal care to keep your gums in optimal health. Dr. Benitez’s genuine enthusiasm for dentistry gives you quality and gentle oral health care.

Periodontal Treatments Restore Gum Health

Treatment for periodontal disease varies, depending on the level of care your gums require. Here are a few of the treatments we use to prevent, reverse, and eliminate gum disease.

Routine Hygiene Visits: Twice a year you should receive a professional cleaning. This prevents the progress of minor periodontal issues and reverses the early signs of gingivitis. Even rigorous at-home routines can miss hard to reach areas under the gum line where bacteria accumulate, and plaque develops.

Deep Cleanings: When plaque is left undisturbed, it can calcify into tartar, a substance so stubborn that only professional dental tools can remove it. Tartar also creates pockets of infection around teeth that cause gum recession and serious dental issues. Periodontitis is an advanced form of gum disease that requires the scaling away of plaque and the smoothing of tooth roots so that gum health can be restored.

Laser Treatments: Dental lasers are an excellent way to access deep pockets inside gum tissue and disinfect gums. Lasers can effectively eliminate plaque and tartar buildup and prevent the spread of infection.

Topical and Oral Antibiotics: These can help you fight infections in the gums and prevent periodontal disease from progressing.

Gum Graft Surgery: When gum tissue has eroded, and tooth roots are exposed, we can harvest tissue from your oral cavity and cover the tooth root to protect the tooth.

Pocket Reduction Surgery: When pockets develop around teeth that are too deep to be cleaned with dental tools, you may be a candidate for reduction surgery. During this procedure, the gum tissue is folded back so the disease-causing bacteria can be removed.

Healthy Gums for Beautiful Smiles

Gum health must be taken seriously. Dr. Benitez and his skilled team intercept many potential oral health issues with their preventive and restorative periodontal treatments. Call us today for more information!

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